Kasikorn Asset Management Co.,Ltd

Address: 400/22 KASIKORNBANK Building, 6th and 12th Floors, Phahon Yothin Road, Samsen Nai Sub-District Phaya Thai District, Bangkok 10400

Rights, duties and responsibilities.

  • Ensuring the trust deed agreement is in accordance with the law.
  • Appoint the REIT Manager and Inspect the REIT Manager to perform the tasks assigned to it in accordance with the trust deed. And related laws.
  • In the event that the REIT Manager acts or refrain from doing until causing damage to the REIT or failing to comply with the trust deed or related laws. The trustee will take action to correct, deter or remedy the damage incurred to the REIT as appropriate. And prepare a report to submit to the SEC manages the REIT as necessary to prevent and deter or limit the damage to the interests of the trust or unitholders. 
  • Attend every unitholder meeting. If there is a request for a resolution of the unitholders meeting to do any, the trustee must answer the inquiries and comment on whether such action is in accordance with the trust deed or related laws.
  • In case of trusts offering trust units only for large investors the trustee will ensure that the units are not transferred to non-high net worth investors.
  • prepare the REIT’s assets account separately from the trustee’s assets.
  • Ensuring that the trust does not become a private trust.
  • Consider and take care of disbursement of assets of the REIT.